Blog: Why you need an award planner!

So this is the time of year where planning becomes a priority and new ideas come into fruition. Award planning should feature in this task for any business who has achieved significant progress in the last 12 months or who would like the recognition and staff boost to drive them forward.


To help companies identify which awards to enter and all the important information they need to decide, we are offering our bespoke Award Planners at a massive £200 discount making the investment just £275 per planner. 




  • Save £200 if you book yours BEFORE 31st January 2018


  • Save 5 - 8 hours trawling through the internet finding the information about the awards you want to enter.


  • Receive details about the relevant awards which reflect your achievements and are in line with your future business goals.


  • Use the quick glance contents page and then view all awards listed in chronological order by deadline date


  • Receive the Planner direct to your inbox in an easy to read PDF format.


  • Benefit from having detailed information for each award which includes:
    • Deadline
    • Entry requirements/ wordcount
    • Other key dates relating to entry such as Shortlist Announcement, interview date etc
    • Dinner date, cost per ticket, venue
    • Category information
    • Past winners


  • Speeds up decision making to help you plan effectively and more efficiently


  • Aids budget preparation and planning


  • Receive a COMPLIMENTARY follow-up meeting with Lucinda to discuss the Planner and choose the right awards to enter


  • No commitment to using Pure Awards for writing services after receiving the award, however those who do will receive an additional benefit of a 10% discount off the full writing fee using this reference 'AP18'


Why you really SHOULD bother with online workshops

Web-based seminars are quickly becoming the preferred outlet for training. If you're unsure about switching from face-to-face workshops, read on and see what benefits they could bring to your company.

#1 Time efficiency is key. Webinars mean less prep, less travel and less stress. Plus when the training ends, it ends - there's no packing up or winding down that always seems to amount to half a day out of your busy schedule.

#2 Geography is no longer a restraint. That yearly seminar located in the Scottish highlands, that was never a possibility before? Well the information from that coveted workshop is now easily accessible to you, without even stepping foot out of the door.

#3 For the environmentally-minded businesses out there, you can rest easy knowing that enrolling your staff on multiple webinar sessions is having no effect on your carbon-footprint. Plus, you're saving all those travel costs.

#4 Webinar registration is anonymous, meaning you don't have to publicise your involvement in the course, or risk giving out any insider information to your competitors.

#5 Seminars can sometimes give an overload of information. Fortunately a webinar allows you to go at your own pace, from the comfort of your office. If you don't understand something there's always an opportunity to email the speaker at a later date.

Webinars are the perfect learning tool for your business - so don't miss out! If you want to experience a web-based seminar and begin expanding your learning, then register for our next free webinar: 'How to Overcome the Barriers of Entering Awards' here.

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